Based in Los Angeles, California, Hawai'i born Astra Kidani is an Asian-American female creative expert with years of experience in the global fashion industry. Having worked in cities such as London, Shanghai, and Milan and earning a Masters in Business degree, she has expanded on her deep understanding and appreciation of the creative and business spheres to transcend the fashion industry and bring her ideas to life. 

With the launch of her brand in 2022, Astra has taken full creative control to express her identity and values while applying her observations on the future of fashion. The brand is targeted at all genders seeking boldness and pushing boundaries, inspiring younger generations to break the limitations society places on them. The brand incorporates high-end stylish pieces with the contemporary nature of high-end streetwear and serves as a creative outlet for Astra's personal vision. The brand is intended to be an extension of her own creative freedom: It's fun, youthful, with a touch of rebelliousness. With few female creatives and even fewer Asian American creative leaders in the fashion industry, Astra aims to disrupt this stigma and prove that anything is possible. Those who wear AK don't follow the conventional path but create their own path full of new ways of thinking and aren't afraid to experiment with style. In the masculine dominated fashion landscape, Astra seeks to lead the way for female creatives to rise up and be recognized for their individual talents in the niche design market.